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Specialized Orthopedic Convenient Care

Midwest Sports Medicine is there for when the unplanned injury happens with specialized orthopedic convenient care. Prompt evaluation of the patient’s needs and expert orthopedic urgent care helps lead a patient through the recovery process and restores function more quickly. In the Chicagoland area, long lines in an emergency room or an under-equipped convenient care office is frustrating; the more time an injured patient waits often means a longer recovery.

No Appointment Necessary

If you go to an emergency room in the Chicago, Illinois area you will wait to see a general doctor. Midwest Sports Medicine speeds convenient care to patients with injuries requiring urgent attention. If you are injured the longer you wait, you could extend the recovery time. Typically patients who are seen quickly enjoy a faster recovery time and a quicker return to activity. Walk-in without an appointment to enjoy the fast track to be treated at an orthopedic office.

Convenient and Prompt Fracture Treatment

Many times an Emergency Room visit means you won’t see a specialist for a fracture. There are times the fracture will be prematurely cast resulting in the injured making an appointment to see a specialist days later. Whether the fracture is from sports or cleaning gutters, we want the patient to receive expert treatment quickly.

Expert Convenient Care for Sports Accidents and Injuries

We make access to superior orthopedic specialists convenient for you. From football to gymnastics, sports injuries require prompt diagnosis. Immediate expert orthopedic care is needed for the frequent sports injuries that befall patients of all ages. Most often these types of injuries occur outside of the normal office hours of specialists. Not us: we are specialists that are available when you need us.

PAIN: Back, Neck, Knees, Hands, Wrists, Ankles and Shoulders

If it’s a fever, flu, heart attack or you are bleeding go to the Emergency Room. Pain and accidents can happen anytime and they are never convenient. Bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves all work together and require extensive specialized medical training to understand their relationship to each other. There is no appointment necessary to see one of our highly trained specialized orthopedic doctors when the need is urgent. Waiting in a Chicagoland area Emergency Room could keep you from receiving an accurate and prompt diagnosis. We are here to help you recover fully and quickly whenever injury strikes.

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