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Workers Compensation

Do you want a doctor that cares for you or for your insurance company?

Patients receiving workers’ compensation benefits do not have to go to a doctor their employer directs them to; they can be sent for an opinion only. We understand how difficult the insurance companies and employers are to workers’ comp patients, and we are here to provide quality specialized treatment and not be swayed by insurance company pressure. Midwest Sports Medicine cares about workers’ compensation patients and provides a thorough treatment plan for an injury. We are solid, experienced specialists who practice good medicine and get good results for all of our patients.

Illinois workers’ compensation patients get to choose their doctor

Illinois workers’ compensation patients get to choose their doctor or provider. Mainly, these types of injuries require an orthopedic specialist that has both experience and integrity when providing treatment because workers’ comp insurance companies put enormous pressure on medical providers. Often, a patient will see their primary care physician or general practitioner that may have little experience with workers’ compensation claims law. Worse yet, the patient will go to a workers’ comp clinic which is only an extension of the insurance companies. The express purpose of these types of facilities are to hurry the patient through treatment and may result in not getting the healing that they need.

Most Workers’ (Workman’s) Compensation Claims are Orthopedic in Nature

Most worker’s compensation claims are orthopedic in nature and require specialized orthopedic care that includes a comprehensive, custom rehabilitation program. Midwest Sports Medicine approaches all injuries conservatively and will exhaust all rehabilitation techniques before we recommend surgery. Midwest Sports Medicine has expert doctors specialized in all types of orthopedic medicine and a support staff that are uninfluenced by a workman’s compensation insurance company or employer pressure.

Our Board Certified doctors obtain a patient’s history, reviews their diagnostic tests and perform a detailed examination. The specialist will provide an accurate diagnosis, course of treatment and rehabilitation. Then the doctor will explain appropriate treatment options so the patient may be actively involved in choosing the best treatment for their individual orthopedic problem. This collaborative and educational approach is well received and appreciated by Midwest Sports Medicine patients because they are given a personalized care plan that is right for them.

Each doctor at Midwest Sports Medicine is a Board Certified Orthopedic Injury Specialist and strives to quickly diagnose and treat workers’ comp injuries early. This prevents minor injuries from becoming major and restores the employee to a state of well-being and productivity sooner.

Compelling research shows that injured employees who return to work without completely healing suffer from:

  • Fatigue and limited physical endurance
  • Fluctuating capacity to perform job duties due to the fluctuating state of the injury
  • Difficulty concentrating due to stress, pain, and the side effects of medication
  • Decreased mobility due to stiffness, fatigue, pain, or weakness
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