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Arthroscopy Pain Specialists

The arthroscopic surgeons at Midwest Sports Medicine are among the leading medical professionals in the Chicago area. We have helped thousands of patients get back on their feet with arthroscopy. Our sports medicine specialists will customize a specific activity and rehabilitation program for you to speed recovery and protect future joint function. Most patients have their arthroscopic procedures performed as outpatients and are home within an hour of the surgery.

What We Do:

  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  • Arthroscopic hip surgery
  • Repair or resection of torn cartilage from the knee or shoulder
  • Reconstruction of the knee’s ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)
  • Reconstruction of the shoulder’s rotator cuff
  • Removal of inflamed lining or loose bone or cartilage in the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or ankle
  • Repair of torn ligaments

How Do We Do It?

An arthroscope is a small tube with a system of lenses, a small video camera and a viewing light. The camera connects to a monitoring system that allows surgeons to view the operation while they’re performing it. By using an arthroscope and small surgical instruments, the surgeon can diagnose the condition and repair the joint by making only 1/4-inch incisions.

This new technology makes shoulder arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy and ankle arthroscopy possible.

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