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Foot And Ankle Care

At Midwest Sports Medicine, you’ll be treated by a board-certified foot and ankle specialist. Our foot doctor will get you “back on your feet” by taking the time to properly diagnose your condition, recommend appropriate treatment options and lead you through the recovery process.

The Foot and Ankle

The foot is an incredibly complex mechanism. It’s comprised of bones (twenty-six in each foot), muscles, tendons and ligaments. During one strenuous hour of exercise, two feet can support up to a million pounds of pressure. Despite the essential functions of feet, we rarely think about them until they hurt, but each year, foot and ankle problems account for over 4.8 million visits to doctors’ offices.

Diagnosing Ankle and Foot Pain

A thorough diagnosis involves a podiatrist obtaining a detailed history of your condition and performing an examination of your feet, legs, walking style and shoes. We may order additional tests such as X-rays. To ensure the most accurate diagnosis, we also offer such advanced technologies as open MRI, CT scan and nerve conduction velocity studies.

Treating Ankle and Foot Pain

While the causes of foot pain and ankle pain are varied, most cases can be treated without surgery. We can often manage conditions that cause swelling and pain using traditional conservative approaches such as rest, ice, braces, orthotics, prescribed exercises and anti-inflammatory medication. Cortisone injections may also offer some relief. For sports injuries, our ankle surgeon uses the latest functional braces whenever possible.

Conditions we treat include: sprained ankles; swollen ankles; foot and ankle fractures; posterior tibial tendinitis/rupture; Achilles tendon injuries; tarsal tunnel syndrome; plantar fasciitis (heel pain); bunions; hammertoes; Morton’s neuroma; diabetic foot; ingrown toenails; infected nails; plantar warts; top of foot pain (metatarsal foot pain); ball of foot pain; and foot arch pain.

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