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There is only one way to treat patients – the right way.” Doctor Lopez says, “And that’s the way you would treat a member of your family. Great physicians have expertise and experience, but the best physicians also have the ability to connect with patients and inspire confidence. That has always been my goal – to continually build my expertise and experience, but to remember that patients are the center of what I do everyday.

Doctor Lopez is one of an elite group of physicians in the Chicago area to be Board Certified in Sports Medicine. Chicago sport legends seek out Dr. Lopez for care: Walter Payton, Dennis McKinnon and Ed O’Bradovich (to name a few). Plus, PGA tour professionals, high profile Chicago municipal officials go to Dr. Lopez when they have an orthopedic issue that demands the best attention and expertise.

Dr. Eugene Lopez is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who is specialty trained in arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine and total joint replacement surgery – he also trains others in advanced procedures for arthroscopic knee, hip and shoulder techniques.

Dr. Lopez’s experience is that most sports injuries are best treated conservatively with a custom rehabilitation program. This non-operative approach often results in a faster recovery time and a quicker return to activity.

Dr. Lopez treats arthritis of the knee, hip and shoulder – beginning with a conservative stepwise approach to treating arthritis pain. If after initial treatments prove inadequate, does he consider joint replacement surgery. If surgery is necessary, whenever possible, he opts for minimally invasive outpatient surgery. Dr Lopez has performed more than 2,000 arthroscopic knee, hip and shoulder replacements – leading to one of the highest success rates in the Chicago area. Patient benefits include a quicker recovery, a smaller scar and the opportunity to recover in familiar surroundings.

Dr. Eugene Lopez | Proven Results

The proof is in the results. His surgical patients have a complication rate far below the national average; procedures are not as lengthy; and hospital stays are shorter. Dr. Lopez’s former patients are his strongest fans. He encourages new patients to contact past patients for recommendations and to answer questions. His patients know that he takes the time to listen to their concerns and explain the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Team Physician

Dr. Lopez and his medical practice partner, Dr. Odell, have been selected as team physicians for Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois and St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Doctor Lopez is on the staff of Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Oak Park, Illinois – where he volunteers his arthroscopic reconstruction services to children in need.

Dr. Lopez founded Midwest Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists, Ltd. in 1990. His concerned and compassionate staff maintain a family environment where patients feel comfortable and cared for.

Dr. Lopez is listed in a recent guide to America’s Top Surgeons and America’s Top Orthopedists published by the Consumer Research Council of America.

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