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I treat all of my patients exactly the way I’d want to be treated and that’s the way I’ll treat you,” Friedman says. “When you leave my office, you’ll know what your orthopedic problem is, what the plan is and what the treatment will be. I’ll suggest treatments that are as conservative as possible. I’ll do everything that needs to be done – and nothing more – to ensure the best results.

Doctor Friedman is a board certified podiatrist and earned additional certifications in endoscopic and shock wave treatment for plantar fasciitis. He specializes in all foot and ankle disorders resulting from injury, overuse, deformity and degenerative conditions.

Dr. Friedman | Foot and Injury Specialist

He also specializes in ballroom dance injury and injury prevention, customizing special orthotics for ballroom dance shoes.

Dr. Friedman is an expert in treating plantar fasciitis and heel pain syndrome. It’s his experience that most of these problems can be successfully treated with conservative measures, such as stretching exercises, bracing, custom orthotics and/or physical therapy.

If conservative measures are ineffective, Dr. Friedman’s additional certifications in endoscopic and shock wave treatment allow him to expertly administer these beneficial options. His experience is that 95 percent of patients recover without surgery.

Dr. Friedman provides care and surgery for many foot and ankle problems including:

  • Achilles injuries
  • Bunion correction
  • Hammertoe
  • Ingrown and infected toenails
  • Plantar warts
  • Foot fractures
  • Flat feet
  • Excision of neuromas, ganglion cysts and plantar warts

Dr. Friedman | Educating Athletes

Dr. Friedman, a long-time youth soccer and basketball coach, has a strong interest in sports medicine. He is an advocate of educating athletes in proper training techniques for injury prevention and often treats lower extremity sports-related injuries.

Senior Attending Instructor at Rush

Dr. Friedman, fluent in Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian languages, is a senior attending instructor and lecturer for the podiatry residency program at Skokie Hospital – formerly Rush North Shore Medical Center. His surgical patients benefit from the fact that surgical assistants are the hospital’s podiatric residents – more experienced than typical surgical assistants. This means that surgeries are typically smoother and quicker. Dr. Friedman frequently lectures on foot and ankle disorders at businesses and public forums.

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